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Doors of NLA are currently closed. Put yourself on the waitlist to be notified first when doors open, and receive an extra BONUS.

New leaders academy
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New Leaders Academy

“If you actively do the work in the New leaders Academy, your business will go sky high and an amazing revenue is inevitable.”
– Nina Veugelers –

This is why the New Leaders Academy is one of a kind in the business coaching industry…

In the NLA you will learn to master this ‘new way’ of entrepreneurship.

It means you run and build your business from a place of purpose and abundance. Without hustle. Or feeling overworked. Without having to sacrifice family time or  personal care.

If this is the way you want to grow your business and you are ready to embody your next level, Book a a Call.

The New Leader to me…..

Is driven by purpose.

Runs her business from a place of love, faith and abundance.

Knows her creative powers are endless.

Doesn’t hustle.

Doesn’t believe in competition.

Understands that being wealthy is not a bad thing but equals impact.

Masters strategy but guides with Intuition.

Knows that inner work is part of growing a successful business that
brings fulfillment and joy.

Do I promise a quick and easy fix? NO. But I believe that when you master the elements strategy, mindset and energy, you can built a highly profitable business, in a way that is close to your heart and makes you happy.

How do i make more money

Some results of the NLA

This is what you can expect when you onboard and commit to the New Leaders Academy;

How to be more focused on your business
How to be more focused on your business
Increase your revenue
Confidence and clarity
You know your shit as an entrepreneur
An imitate group

This is for you


You’ve got a few clients, but you also have bigger dreams for your business and you would love a more consistent flow of sales.

You are familiar with mindset and energy work and eager to do more because you know that that’s where the magic happens.

Wealth is not a dirty word for you and you are not ashamed to say that you want to make great money or get rich!

Your purpose is your biggest drive. You strongly feel that you want make a positive impact and see it as your responsibility.

You are ready to ‘do the work’ and take full leadership and responsibility for your goals and growth.

Mindset and energy
Mindset and energy

Some results of the NLA

The Elements


Strategy. It sounds boring and like a lot of work. But I think it’s safe to say that you will fall in love with strategy. Simply, because it works! It’s THE WAY, to get control over the growth of your business and see your revenue grow sustainably. No more wasting time with things that won’t move the needle. And that will grow your revenue both long and short term.


First you grow, then your business does. Energy (blocks) unforgivably reflect in business results. The NLA is designed to help you uncover those limits and break through them, so you will experience more flow and create results you are looking for.


During this program, you will learn to think as a 6-figure entrepreneur. This will spark immediate change in the way you feel, act and the results you create. You will have more confidence, courage and faith, but also start seeing potential clients and opportunities everywhere, by changing the way you think.


The biggest growth happens when you take (imperfect) action. That’s why, this program is designed to activate you. No more working on your website or staying mainly ‘behind the scenes’. It’s time for you to step on stage, in the spotlight. That’s where the magic happens.

This is what you’ll get

Weekly Masterclass on Monday

Two weekly Q&A with Hot seats

At least 6 Masterclasses from very cool Guest speakers

1-year access to all the replays and resources in the NLA- online library

Intimate private FB group of inspiring female entrepreneurs for your support

Exclusive 1:1 coaching session with Rianne

Monthly Business Empowerment Session

Book a call to find out if you’re a match for the New Leaders Academy.

Some results of the NLA

During NLA, I scaled my business, I had too many clients and wanted more free time.

That’s exactly what I did during NLA. I started working with a new level of clients and broke through several income ceilings. I have now reached another level, I have more time on my hands while also scaling toward 100k.

Investment: €4444,-

Your early bird discount €445,-

Investment: €3999,-

Doors of the NLA are currently closed. Put yourself on the waitlist to be notified first when doors open, and receive an extra BONUS.

VIP Option

If you would love more 1:1 support alongside the academy, the VIP- option could be a great choice for you. Ask Rianne for the details!

What people say

After NLA I have a whole new business and I’ve grown a lot personally as well. NLA is unique and so much more than a group program. I’ve never seen such an elaborate training in combination with coaching. It has everything you need to go from scratch to successful!

Rianne answers all your questions, meets you where you are, supports you and holds you accountable. This makes it really personal, you’ll never feel like number. One time she coached me from total panic to ‘girl on fire’ mode!

She helped me create a business that sets my heart on fire and an offer that is completely aligned. The first 2 clients signed up after only 2 stories!

Nina Veugelers
Holistic Therapist

During NLA I created a brand-new service for my brand and quickly after that booked the first few clients for it.

In 2021 we realized a record in sales and I raised my salary! I feel so proud and experience abundance in all areas of my life.

Elzelien Hoeksta
CEO Kenza Design

Before NLA I had a client here and there, that found me by coincidence.

The Academy has been a huge game changer for me because I finally do what I am supposed to do to grow my business consistently and even better, that’s why I now have a consistent stream of clients.

I developed a deep sense of confidence which helps me ask what I’m worth.

What I love about the NLA is that you’re connected with a group of women, it’s very personal because of the LIVE Q&A’s and I really enjoyed the mindset/energy part of it!

Annegreet van der Lee
RTT Therapist

Join the New Leaders Academy

The group is not going to be bigger than 15, so there is enough space for personal attention.

Doors of the NLA are currently closed. Put yourself on the waitlist to be notified first when doors open, and receive an extra BONUS.

It would be an honor to guide you!