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Start: 8th of January 2024

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“If you actively do the work in the New leaders Academy, your business will go sky high and an amazing revenue is inevitable.”
– Nina Veugelers –

New Leaders academy

This is why the New Leaders Academy is one of a kind in the business coaching industry.

In the NLA you will learn to master this ‘new way’ of entrepreneurship.

It means you run and build your business from a place of purpose and abundance. Without hustle. Or feeling overworked. Without having to sacrifice family time or personal care.

A business that facilitates (and not costs you) your ideal life, without boundaries to how much you can make and create.

This is possible because in the NLA you combine incredible yet simple strategy, with mindset and energy work.

The NLA is the only business coaching program in which you don’t only grow your business but yourself as a person and an entrepreneur. And THIS, is the key to a business that not only makes you wealthy, but deeply happy and fulfilled.

If this is the way you want to grow your business and you are ready to embody your next level, Book a a Call.

The New Leader to me…..

Is driven by purpose.

Runs her business from a place of love, faith and abundance.

Knows her creative powers are endless.

Doesn’t hustle.

Doesn’t believe in competition.

Understands that being wealthy is not a bad thing but equals impact.

Masters strategy but guides with Intuition.

Knows that inner work is part of growing a successful business that
brings fulfillment and joy.

Do I promise a quick and easy fix? NO. But I believe that when you master the elements strategy, mindset and energy, you can built a highly profitable business, in a way that is close to your heart and makes you happy.

What people say

‘I went from minimum wage to hitting my revenue goals (and it didn’t feel hard)’

Before working with Rianne, I felt like I got really random clients and my revenue was comparable with the minimum wage.

I have more than 15 years’ experience in my profession, but being an (online) entrepreneur was quite new for me. And this is exactly what I wanted to learn. How can I become a serious entrepreneur, on my terms, without too much hustle? That combined with all the energy work Rianne does in the is just magic. I feel much more confident in my role as an entrepreneur. The truth is that I didn’t expected to reach my target revenue the first 3 months of this year. BUT I did! I didn’t have to work fulltime, feel super energized and here I am making good months. I am feeling super proud what I have been able to reach. I love my job and now I even love doing sales. Rianne taught me so many things. From strategy and doing sales from your heart, to tune in to your energy. I felt super supported by her.

Rianne is a lovely inspiring coach, who always has the right things to say in your journey, she does the best visualizations and energy work and she over delivers totally. Oh, and the price was a no brainer for me.

Lydia Koken

‘I raised my priced and doubled my revenue’

What was your situation before you started with the New Leaders Academy (think of revenue, customers, but also how did you feel, what were your struggles. etc.)

Before starting the NLA I didn’t believe in myself to carry and grow a business, I struggled with decision making and taking actions to move forward.

I wanted to join a supporting community of like-minded women that could hold me accountable and be a safe space to show my vulnerability and fears around my business.
Right now, I feel more confident and it’s easier for me to take actions to move forward.

I made I was able to raise my prices and achieved my goal of doubling my revenue.

Rianne creates a safe space to share literally everything, we were able to see right to the eyes to all the ghosts and shadows that hunt the entrepreneurial process and put them apart so we could move on.

I would definitely recommend NLA, because it’s just awesome, I miss it a lot! Why figure out everything on your own when it’s SO GOOD to have guidance and support and sometimes just somebody that tells you to get over yourself… helps a LOT!

Veronica Gomez
Copy Writer

‘From 0 clients to pretty much fully booked’

Before I stared the NLA I had just started my own business as an English coach. I was a burnt out teacher in search of her mission. I didn’t have any costumers yet and I didn’t know how to get them. I also struggled with being visible and I was extreme insecure.

I started with the NLA because I needed a coach and the combination of strategy and energy was something I was looking for. The feeling of a community was also something I liked.

I have just finished the NLA and I have a steady stream of 1:1 clients, I also do training for a company, I launched my podcast, I started a YouTube channel and I am launching my first group program. I found my mission and I’m loving my life at the moment.

I have grown a lot as a person, the mindset work helped me to step out of my comfort zone and I’m visible now.

The NLA is unique because of how Rianne combines mindset, energy and strategy. She is also good in creating a safe community.

I would definitely recommend the NLA, I think it’s the best thing you can do for your business!

Tess de Weerd
English Confidence Coach

You started your dream business, you got the clients. But you just feel like you have So. Much. More. Potential.

It hurts, that your potential is not coming out just yet.

And you don’t settle for mediocre.

That’s not you. You want more.

But not more work load, more pressure, more hustle.

More freedom, more impact, more money. You are on a mission.

Sounds like you?

Then NLA is the place for you!

This is what you can expect when you onboard and commit to the New Leaders Academy;

Increase your revenue

Some results of the NLA

You’ve had your ‘small play time’ and you’re done with it. You’re ready to take serious seat at the table.

Some results of the NLA

This is for you


This is for you


You’ve got a few clients, but you also have much bigger dreams for your business and you would love a more consistent flow of sales and revenue.

You are familiar with mindset and energy work and eager to do more because you know that that’s where the magic happens.

Wealth is not a dirty word for you and you are not ashamed to say that you want to make great money or get rich!

Your purpose is your biggest drive. You strongly feel that you want make a positive impact and see it as your responsibility.

You are ready to ‘do the work’ and take full leadership and responsibility for your goals and growth.

You want high level support yourself, so 2023 will be your best financial year yet.

Some results of the NLA

The Elements


Strategy. It sounds boring and like a lot of work. But I think it’s safe to say that you will fall in love with strategy. Simply, because it works! It’s THE WAY, to get control over the growth of your business and see your revenue grow sustainably. No more wasting time with things that won’t move the needle. And that will grow your revenue both long and short term.


First you grow, then your business does. Energy (blocks) unforgivably reflect in business results. The NLA is designed to help you uncover those limits and break through them, so you will experience more flow and create results you are looking for.


During this program, you will learn to think as a 6-figure entrepreneur. This will spark immediate change in the way you feel, act and the results you create. You will have more confidence, courage and faith, but also start seeing potential clients and opportunities everywhere, by changing the way you think.


The biggest growth happens when you take (imperfect) action. That’s why, this program is designed to activate you. No more working on your website or staying mainly ‘behind the scenes’. It’s time for you to step on stage, in the spotlight. That’s where the magic happens.

Over Rianne van Tuijl

About me

Most influential and rich people are still white men.

It’s about time, that changed. And it starts here, with you.

These days, you don’t have to choose anymore, between being a staying at home mom/dad or building and running an empire, or making an impact or becoming wildly wealthy. You can do it all at the same time. Let me show you how.

Hey, I’m Rianne Business & Mindset Mentor,
I’m the expert on combining rock-solid and simple strategy with mindset and energy to grow your business. This combination is not only the fastest way to grow, it’s also the most sustainable way that keeps you very close to your heart.

I’m not teaching you ‘The Way’ (if that would exist) I help you find Your Way to build a highly profitable and scalable business.

So that you don’t only get rich, but also deeply happy and fulfilled.

With degrees in Business and Neuropsychology (Msc) and more then 10 years of experience in coaching, I am your go-to person if this is what you desire.

In the last 3 years I’ve helped dozens of entrepreneurs build a profitable business ( read: 6-figures) their way, in 24 hours a week.

It’s time, my beautiful New Leader, that you take seat at that table.

This is what you’ll get

Weekly Masterclass on Tuesday

Two weekly Q&A with Hot seats

At least 6 Masterclasses from very cool Guest speakers

1-year access to all the replays and resources in the NLA- online library

Intimate private FB group of inspiring female entrepreneurs for your support

Exclusive 1:1 coaching session with Rianne

Book a call to find out if you’re a match for the New Leaders Academy.

Some results of the NLA

During NLA, I scaled my business, I had too many clients and wanted more free time.

That’s exactly what I did during NLA. I started working with a new level of clients and broke through several income ceilings. I have now reached another level, I have more time on my hands while also scaling toward 100k.

Investment: €4750

Early bird Price between 9 and 22nd of December

€4250 (€500 discount)

VIP Option

If you would love more 1:1 support alongside the academy, the VIP- option could be a great choice for you. Ask Rianne for the details!

What people say

After NLA I have a whole new business and I’ve grown a lot personally as well. NLA is unique and so much more than a group program. I’ve never seen such an elaborate training in combination with coaching. It has everything you need to go from scratch to successful!

Rianne answers all your questions, meets you where you are, supports you and holds you accountable. This makes it really personal, you’ll never feel like number. One time she coached me from total panic to ‘girl on fire’ mode!

She helped me create a business that sets my heart on fire and an offer that is completely aligned. The first 2 clients signed up after only 2 stories!

Nina Veugelers
Holistic Therapist

During NLA I created a brand-new service for my brand and quickly after that booked the first few clients for it.

In 2021 we realized a record in sales and I raised my salary! I feel so proud and experience abundance in all areas of my life.

Elzelien Hoeksta
CEO Kenza Design

Before I started working with Rianne I was lacking the confidence and the strategy to create the success I was looking for. That’s what makes working with Rianne special, she worked with me on both. I now have much more clients as results from the strategic work we did. Also, I overcame a lot of mindfuck. I now have the confidence and the clarity to dream much bigger and take much bigger actions. I have created a new product that I will be launching, and I am looking for retails and stores to sell my product at.

The enormous steps that I took, would have otherwise taken me years.

Elske Schalk
Founder of ByElske Skincare

Before NLA I had a client here and there, that found me by coincidence.

The Academy has been a huge game changer for me because I finally do what I am supposed to do to grow my business consistently and even better, that’s why I now have a consistent stream of clients.

I developed a deep sense of confidence which helps me ask what I’m worth.

What I love about the NLA is that you’re connected with a group of women, it’s very personal because of the LIVE Q&A’s and I really enjoyed the mindset/energy part of it!

Annegreet van der Lee
RTT Therapist

Join the New Leaders Academy

The group is not going to be bigger than 20, so there is enough space for personal attention.

We start on the 8th of January. This will be your one and only chance to join in 2024 as doors won’t open again.

It would be an honor to guide you!

Rianne van tuijl coaching
Rianne van tuijl coaching

Tune into these podcast episodes where women tell about the transformation they’ve made in the NLA.