Starts at September 11

6 week Mini Mastermind

Sell your highest priced offer

Sell your highest priced offer at least 1 time in 6 weeks

A short and intensive mastermind that will empower you to master the strategy and embodiment to sell you highest priced offer.

Mini mastermind

You have been feeling that itch, to go bigger with your business.
And that includes selling more higher priced services.
And no, you don’t want to be a high-end coach/service provider. You love serving clients at different price points. But you see how an exclusive offer can be a game changer for you, your business and most of all, your client. A win-win-win situation.

Or maybe you already a beautiful exclusive offer, but it’s just not selling yet. It’s been sitting on your website, or maybe only in your head, but you didn’t have the guts, the know/how and the tools yet, to actively market and sell it.

Either way, I got you woman!

In this intensive mini Mastermind, I will teach what it takes (strategically and energetically) to sell your highest priced offer.
We will implement everything on the spot, so you can see results fast.

The Elements of this Mini Mastermind


Selling your highest priced offer isn’t that complicated, but there are strategical actions that you can take to make it a lot easier. I’m going to teach you those actions during the mastermind. We’ll focus on both short term (to book clients now) and long term strategy ( what can you do now, to book clients in the future).


In order to sell anything, you need to OWN your offer, expertise and investment completely. Even if you implement the fanciest, high-end strategy there is, if you don’t radiate ‘the right energy’, you still won’t sell anything.

The question is: ‘who do you need to be, to sell this offer?’ What do you need to think, feel, let go of? During the mastermind, I will help you to fully embody that version of you (and overcome self-imposed limits), that sells her higher priced offer like a boss. You’ll be a different up leveled version of yourself after 6 weeks.

Immediate Implementation

Direct implementation = fast growth. So that’s what we’ll do. You’ll get simple, practical tools on a daily basis that you can implement directly. This allows us to see what works, what doesn’t, adapt and adjust until you find YOUR way, to sell you highest priced offer. And repeat that.

A group of powerhouse female entrepreneurs….

Know much more then you by yourself. Imagine women all over the world coming together with the same goal. Supporting each other. Networking. Lifting each other up.

Not growing is not an option, I’ll make sure of that!

It’s a misconception that cheaper offers sell easier or faster. With the same effort, it takes to sell a lower priced offer, you can sell your higher priced offer.

This is what you’ll get:

bi- weekly Masterclasses (3 in total)

bi- weekly Group coaching (3 in total)

Closed Fb group to interact with like minded female entrepreneurs and inspire and encourage each other

30-day Sales Guide

Quantum Hypnosis to speed up your transformation



Now €590

Pay 1 x €590

Pay 2x €295

What you need to join this mini mastermind:

You’ve been an entrepreneur for more than a year and you have been actively working on your business growth.

You have an offer in mind that you would like to sell (the price of your offer doesn’t not matter)

You ready to go, go, go!

Mastermind voor ondernemers

Here are the facts:

To add 100k a year to your revenue; you need 4 clients for 25k, 10 clients for a 10k offer, 100 clients for a $1000 offer, or 200 clients for a $500 offer.

In other words, a few aligned clients for your more exclusive offer can boost your revenue in relative simple way, while you can provide the most beautiful, biggest transformation for your client.

Don’t have an exclusive offer yet?

In this free workshop, I will teach you step by step how to create an exclusive offer, and feel ready to sell.

Still have doubts?

Feel free to book a 15-minute call with me, to discuss your questions.

Mastermind entrepeneurs