Business empowerment

10K Months…..

There is A LOT of fuzz about this in the online coaching industry,

And there should be, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that for herself. Making a very comfortable living while making the world a better place (does it get ANY better?)

The downside; it gets very overwhelming as to how to get there; Funnels? Ads? Mindset? LOA? Strategies? But which one and where but which one?

What if we strip down all this noise back to the core to what it actually need to get there. Organically, with grace and while you still do you.

In this checklist, you get a simplified overview of what (basics) you need to get in place to create consistent 5 figure months in your business.

As a coach (with 10+ years of experience) I know being a great coach doesn’t make you a great entrepreneur.  It’s another journey that asks for different knowledge and skills.

When I started out as online entrepreneur 5 figure months were my goal.

I would have loved to get this checklist back then.

I wouldn’t have to take 391 detours

  • 10 k checklist that includes all the elements you need to get in place strategically, energetically and mindset wise to make it happen.
  • Epic visualisation