Business empowerment

Business Empowerment Sessions

Start your next month, focused, empowered, and in full alignment.

Entrepreneurship, is a glorious, ongoing personal development journey. First you grow, then your business grows. Repeat.

A BE-Session is your monthly check-in moment, specially designed to regain focus, reconnect to yourself, and get (back) in alignment.

Does this sound familiar?

Half way through the month you realize you’re not on schedule with all you had planned.
You know you would get better results if you would have more clarity and be more focused.
You would love to feel empowered to do those things you are uncomfortable with but will move the needle in your business.
Starting the month in FULL ALIGNMENT sounds like music to your ears!
How to be more focused on your business

This is what BE-Sessions will bring you;

1. Clarity & Focus

After every BE- session you will have renewed clarity about your goals and intentions fro the upcoming month. And full focus to make them happen.

2. Empowerment

You feel tuned in, tapped in, turned on. The meditative part will help you connect (back) to your own strength.

3. Growth

The sessions ae made to help you grow as an entrepreneur and a person, so your business can too.

‘‘Tuned in, tapped in, turned on’’

Meditation session

Tell me more, What is an BE-Session exactly?

A Business Empowerment Session will take place at every end of the month.
One BE- Session lasts  between 45 and 60 minutes.

Every session includes;

An inspiring talk of about 15 minutes about the theme of the month.
15 min mediation/visualization/healing/tapping.
5 min of intention setting and journaling.

28th of October 2021 Breakthrough your inner glass ceiling

The only one in the way of more love, success and money is; you and you only.

There is only a certain amount of love, abundance and success we allow ourselves to have. Everything above this limit, we will (unconsciously) sabotage.

In this BE-session you will learn how to recognize your inner glass ceiling and how to break through it. We will do a special exercise that will help you feel your self-imposed limits and work through them.

You’re invited to bring your fears and insecurities to this session, and we will transform them on the spot.

To enforce the results, this BE-session will be interactive!

After this BE-Session:

You will know how to recognise your inner glass ceiling
You will have insight in how you sabotage yourself.
You’ll have transformed part of your feelings so you can breakthrough.
You know how you can breakthrough your inner glass ceiling in the future.

Time: 8 Pm Dutch Time, 2 Pm Chilean Time, 1 pm CST

Investment: $15

Where: Zoom Room

I want more freedom in my life and business

BE- Session are for Business Owner of all levels

Growth is not linear, but more circular. So, there is not one topic that isn’t a good idea to revisit. There is always another level.